The QUEENS CHEF PROJECT is a photographic and audio tribute to the chefs and food workers of Queens, NY who have made it through some of the most difficult times.


I'm photographing and interviewing 50 chefs -- all different nationalities and cuisines -- with an object in their kitchen of their choice that holds great meaning to them. Then they explain the story behind that object.

Yes, we all love looking at pictures of food. But this is not about that. This is about a search for deeper meaning in the food world: family connections, picking up the pieces, incredibly lucky finds, mementos, and gifts.

This is a project of joy, happiness, and fun -- coming out of the other side of this pandemic with a great feeling of being alive and here to help others.

What you see now is the site in "place-holder" mode with a small sample of the thousands of photos that have been shot.

The full web site gallery will open in Fall 2021.

For more more information, please contact me at drew@queenschefproject.com.

Drew Kerr, creative director