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Lucia Costa

86-44 Sutphin Boulevard  Jamaica, NY 11435


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When I first got this place, it used to be a restaurant, but it was more like a restaurant/bar. It was pretty much like a bar. So we start throwing the things out that didn't help us for anything. We started painting, this and that. We did the stairs. We did a lot of changes. The floor. Everything.

But this table, it was always in the way. This table it was here... here... it was here... it was everywhere. We were throwing everything around. But this table, for some reason, we kept moving it everywhere. 


Like this was telling me: "I'm here! I'm part of this place!"

I was starting to get ready to buy all of the things for the baker, right? So he say: "Oh, I need a table and it has to be wood." And it has to be very steady because when they do the bread. They need something very solid.

I said, "OK, I'll buy you a metal table, what they sell in Restaurant Depot." I went there, I shop around, I went online, and this and that. 

This table -- it was still there, with a lot of things. 

So one day, he came to me and said: "Oh, this is taking too long. I need to start! I'm going to use this one for now."


When he started using this table, it was just like... "it fits so perfect."

He say: "That's it. You don't need to find a table."

"No. But this table is old. We need to throw this out."

He kept it for a while and said, "No, no. Don't worry about it. Let's see what happens."

He starts working and working and working. It came out like, we never wanted to get rid of this table. Never. And you can tell it's very old, but it really does the job. 

We make everything from scratch. Everything here. He [the baker] comes in four in the morning, the cook comes at five. She starts with the soups. He starts baking the bread. 


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